Vaduz Castle is clearly visible over Vaduz. It has been the permanent home of the Princely Family of Liechtenstein since 1938. The Princely Family acquired the castle in 1712.
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IFMA Integra Finanz Management Anstalt
IFMA Integra Finanz Management Anstalt is an independent Liechtenstein financial-services provider based in Balzers. We accumulate, plan, manage and protect our clients’ assets. Over the years, we have built up in-depth knowledge of the private-banking and wealth management sectors, meaning we are well attuned to the different markets, potential fluctuations and changes at a political, economic and social level.
As a member of a group of independent companies that specialise in different areas, we offer our clients individual and comprehensive solutions whose scope goes far beyond our usual business activities.
IFMA Integra Finanz Management Anstalt
Gagoz 73
LI-9496 Balzers
Guido Wille-Minicus

Certified Trustee, oec. HSG


Phone +423 231 15 15